Round 3 / STEM


The round we start a new schedule. Monday is call The Boring Day which  is a day that we do alot of reading and taking note . Tuesday is The Question Day the teacher start answer the question that we have and explain about the topic that we read on Monday. We don’t have STEM class on Wednesday. Thursday is The Experiment Day which is my favorite day i have a lot of have experimenting. After we do all the experiment and see all the out come the teacher give us assignment to do. Every Thursday after experiment day we have to do a lab report. Friday is the Quiz Day.


This round we learn about chemical reaction, chemistry of carbon and chemical solution.


Chemistry of carbon is a lesson about carbon. The experiment is to make black snake. Below is my Lab report.


Panha            STEM

7 , February Cheng Chanda


Black Snake Experiment

Black snake is form when a mixture of baking soda and sugar burn. In this experiment we need 20g of sugar, 5g of sodium bicarbonate, a bowl that fill with sand, alcohol and a match. Using all this ingredient and mix together and burn them make black snake. How this happen i am not sure but what i think is when baking soda burn it for sure release carbon dioxide gas and when sugar brun is become harden that help trap the gas and form in to this long black snake.


The outcome of this experiment is a long ash. While the fire is burning the mixture it start to disappear and the snack grow longer and longer until the mixture are all gone.I can describe it in a food way imagine the outside of a pizza crust is crunchy and the inside is soft like silk. That description of how i feel when i touch the black snake.  


EXTRA : I am curious about why it form the black snake so I decided to do a little research and this is what i find out about the experiment. The chemical formula of sugar is  (C12H22O11) and the chemical element that sugar contains are Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. The chemical element of sodium 

bicarbonate is (NaHCO3). When the mixture burns, the baking soda gets hot, and it decomposes to release carbon dioxide gas. A lack of oxygen in the

 sugar from the combustion creates carbonate and water vapor. The pressure from the CO2 gas pushes this carbonate out to form the snake, which should continue growing for 20 minutes, give or take.

Chemical solution we learn about solvent and solute. On the experiment day we are experiment by making a sugar solution and turn it into a rock candy. Below is my lab report.

Panha STEM

February, 15, 2019   Cheng Chanda

Rock Candy Lab Report

Rock candy is a one of the coolest looking candy in the world. Today this lab 

report is about the best candy in the world.  I didn’t get to make it but let say i 

know about it. (By researching)


How does a sugar solution become rock candy?

According to my understanding rock candy form when sugar melt and turn in to candy. If you think in a science way there are more step and let talk about it.

When we melt sugar in to hot water their will be no sugar left but the sugar partial that we can’t see are still in there. When we let the solution set the water start to evaporate and the sugar start to form and when it connects to each other they form a big batch of sugar that we can see like a crystal.

Round 2 | STEM


This round Stem we are learning about the chemical bonding. We learn about the three type of chemical bonding. This lesson is a really fun. We watch fun video to help us understand the lesson. Once a week we also have a fun activity that includes a website call Quizizz. Quizizz is a website where we can do fun practice on our computer that we can compete our classmate and also they show us the process of the game on the leaderboard. This round we do a lot of reading and research to understand the lesson and the statement that we learn in class.

STEM | Matter

STEM is also one of the hardest class I ever had in my life I can say maybe harder than math. In STEM, we learn a lot of different more topic and lesson such as technology, physics, earth science and other. Wait do you know what STEM stands for? It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The year of 2018-2019 I start to improve my Stem skill and I learn a lot and I also catch up with all the lesson that the teacher has taught us. This year we focus on learning about physical science. We learn about the atom and other small particles that occur inside matter. We also use some website and article to help us learning and catch up with the lesson.