Math | Round 5

This round Math is getting really challenging for me. We have learned about Rate, Speed, Basic algebra and Negative numbers. I am doing very well with Negative number but for Rate, Speed and Basic algebra are a bit challenging. We’ve been using the website call Khan academy, Kahoot and Quizzes for quite long, and in every school year and round we always have something new, so this round we add in an interactive slide using Pear deck.

Pear deck allows the teachers to add the question to their slide show and the student can answer through the slide.


Rate and Speed:


To me, Rate is a ratio between two related things or quantity. For example:


These 3 bags do not have the same number of oranges.


If the oranges are rearranged so that the bags have the same number of oranges, how many oranges will there be in each bag?




There are 10 oranges altogether.


18/3=6The example of the question.


There will be 6 oranges in each of these 3 bags.


The average of 4, 9, and 5 is 6.


Basic algebra:


​In basic algebra, we are learning about replace the number with the letter and try to solve the problem.


If in the question they use individual “a”, the “a ” equal to 1 but if the put the number in front of the “a” it equals the number.


5a = 5

a = 1


5a + 3a – 6a = 2a

7a – 5a + a = 3a


Negative Number


A negative number is a number that is less than 0.

If a deposit of $600 is represented +600, how would you represent a withdrawal of $60?


Answer: -60

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