This round I pick a topic to learn about and it about digital drawing. I use an app call adobe photoshop to draw my digital art. I really interested in the topic because I always want to be a fashion designer and an artist in the future that why I think digital art is really helpful for me to understand the basic. The fashion designer also digitally draw their design and show their design too.  My friend teaches me how to use the drawing pad and also teach me how to get good at using it. I practice using it a lot until I get better and I draw something. I met a lot of difficulties such as no concentration, forget to put layer and also my hand is not stable. I overcome them by practicing and practicing until I get it. I really enjoy do my project it always make me feel proud of myself when I finish a drawing I always feel relax when I draw.  Below are some of the drawing that I have drawn:

Math | Round 5

This round Math is getting really challenging for me. We have learned about Rate, Speed, Basic algebra and Negative numbers. I am doing very well with Negative number but for Rate, Speed and Basic algebra are a bit challenging. We’ve been using the website call Khan academy, Kahoot and Quizzes for quite long, and in every school year and round we always have something new, so this round we add in an interactive slide using Pear deck.

Pear deck allows the teachers to add the question to their slide show and the student can answer through the slide.


Rate and Speed:


To me, Rate is a ratio between two related things or quantity. For example:


These 3 bags do not have the same number of oranges.


If the oranges are rearranged so that the bags have the same number of oranges, how many oranges will there be in each bag?




There are 10 oranges altogether.


18/3=6The example of the question.


There will be 6 oranges in each of these 3 bags.


The average of 4, 9, and 5 is 6.


Basic algebra:


​In basic algebra, we are learning about replace the number with the letter and try to solve the problem.


If in the question they use individual “a”, the “a ” equal to 1 but if the put the number in front of the “a” it equals the number.


5a = 5

a = 1


5a + 3a – 6a = 2a

7a – 5a + a = 3a


Negative Number


A negative number is a number that is less than 0.

If a deposit of $600 is represented +600, how would you represent a withdrawal of $60?


Answer: -60

Outdoor Leadership | Reflection

OutDooR LeaDerSHiP


            To me, outdoor means being outside of a crowded place, released stressed and being with nature. Or another meaning is being outside the door. Since the first week until the last week of exploration there too many things going on that sometime can change your emotion. Throughout the whole exploration, I have learned to be a leader, to be outdoor, and other outdoor skill. Apart from that I also improve my drawing skill and concentration skill. I’ve drawn a lot of pictures about nature and my surrounding by doing sit and spot.


In the first week, we are focusing on learning and understanding outdoor leadership and other outdoor skill. I also really enjoy studying and practicing the scenario in class. I learn how to do CPR and more. After all of the hard work going on the trip is the most rewarding part of the whole exploration.


Kirirom Trip


At the third week, we went on a two-day trip to Kirirom. During the trip on the bus we all watch movie together, sing together and I have so much fun. When we arrive at our destination the view was indescribable it the most wonderful and fabulous experiences, We set up our campsite near the Heaven cliff and we also set a campfire to keep us warm too. They call that cliff The Heaven Cliff for reason, it really magical and fabulous we can see the view of the forest from above. Hornbill and other bird and animal are flying and jumping around the green and brown forest. In the evening we set up the campfire and cook our dinner. It was really hard to set the campfire because the leaf, wood, and grass are wet. After we finish our delicious meal we go around our campfire to roast a marshmallow and make smores. Unfortunately, I don’t eat marshmallows so I roast cracker instead. At night it very chilly so like to stay around the campfire to warm myself up. In the morning we wake up really early to see the sunrise it was very cold so I wrap myself up with the thin blanket. I really want to see the sunrise but it hard because of the cloud is blocking it when the sky is clear the sun is already rising. In the morning we got sliced bread and PB&J for breakfast, I roast my PB&J sandwich with the fire that we made for the morning.  I really enjoy everything about this trip but the best part about the trip is I got to learn about new species of plants and also birds. When we trek back down it was a bit easier than when we trek up. During the ride back to school I was sleeping soundly so I can’t really it.


Picture of me and my friends during the trip to Kirirom. We are having so much fun together.


Mondulkiri Trip


On the sixth week, we went on the trip to Mondulkiri. I take the whole day to get there. We leave our school at 8:00 and we arrive there at dinner. We set our campsite on a very beautiful green hill with the view of other hill and mountain it was really relaxing. At night we did not get to roast marshmallows but we get to make a roasted sweet potato. It was really fun but I burn myself because of touching the metal wire. The rewarding part of that is getting the delicious and delightful sweet potatoes. The morning we start trekking to the mountain nearby, we trek until arriving at that waterfall. During the trekking, we stop a lot and we also saw a lot of leeches. Our group member starts getting leech bit on their body and that when I start to scare. I cry a lot because I can’t help see those leech. It looks really scary and it sucks blood from humans body. After a long walk, we arrive at the first, we all do a pack off and eat our lunch. I jump on the slippery rock to get to the big log in the waterfall. I have a lot of scratch on my leg because I slip a lot but it was a fabulous experience. The water is really clear and it makes me happy to see my friends enjoy the waterfall and dance and sing and splash water at each other.  After we setal down we continue our trekking to another waterfall. It is bigger and more beautiful than the first one. We do sit and spot for 40 min. I spot a lot of things such as water spider, leaf and beautiful rock and vine too. After sit and spot we continue our trekking, we walk until we arrive at the peck of the mountain. Unfortunately, it raining so the bus has to come to pick us up. We all pull out our rain poncho and cover our body with it. When the car our shoes are soaking wet, when we step on the car it makes that car really messy and dirty. We rode back into the city and I was freezing cold. We have an avocado shake then we head back to our campsite. Today is pretty the same as other days we roast our leftover sweet potatoes and go to bed. In the morning, we went trekking to see the elephant. We saw a new waterfall I got to enjoy the cold and beautiful water. The best part is I got to feed the elephant. We have a very good cultural meal from our host family. When we trek back we got to eat the shave ice and delicious meal at a restaurant. In the morning, we come back to our school and I sleep again, not the whole time but most of the time.

This was a very fun trip. I learn new thing and I really enjoy spending time with my friend.



I always wanted to see the waterfall and the species of plant and animal. Throughout this trip, I get to feed the elephant, Enjoy the waterfall and saw a lot of insect and animal.  


In this whole experience, I learn to be a self leader and an active listener. I respect and accept my friend quest. I listen to the designated leader and I also lead myself to not scared and do what am supposed to do. When am in Mondulkiri I lead myself to do the thing that I never on before such as roasted sweet potatoes for other people. I also lead my self to fight over my fear of leeches and worms.

When we go on the trip there this one person that always makes me admired. She always on task and she respects everyone idea. She always encourages others to stay strong, she always with me when I need her.


In this whole experience their hardship, difficulty, and conflict. I learn to understand people well and sometimes I solve the problem and self. The new thing that I learn about myself is I can manage to keep my feeling to my self. I usually shared everything with my peer but this trip and this exploration teach me to stay strong and determine and force my self to stay calm and focus.  I really appreciate this opportunity and I’ll never forget the best moment that I have with all of my peers.




In this round of multimedia, we are learning about code and we did a project call code club project. I decide to learn about Colourful creation. Below is the reflection that I did for my code club project:

Your name:

Code Club project name: Colorful Creation


  1. Why did you choose the project? What interested you? What skill or topics did you want to work on?

Colorful creation is one of the ways I can practice using more dictionary and also print letter using different color and different font style. It was really colorful and fun.

  1. Describe one coding challenge you had during this project. Please copy code here to explain the problem.

My problem is i don’t really understand how to use circle and dot. Below is the finish code:






goto(0, 1)




goto(0, 100)


style = (‘Candara’, 40, ‘bold’)

write(‘Today’, font=style, align=’center’)


  1. What strategies did you try to solve the problem?

First i try to solve the dot problem by myself and it work but than i try to solve to circle problem and it did not work so i decide to do a little research.

  1. Did your strategies work? Why or why not?

It work because the research help a bit than i try it on my own.

  1. Did you do any extra work or challenge to go beyond what was required from the project?  

I am not sure because for the challenge part is a bit hard for me and i can’t see their code so i don’t know if i go over it or less than it. I just try random code and do a little bit of research to make it to the end of this code project.

  1. Write down one thing you learned from working on this project. This can be about Python, programming, computers, yourself, etc.

In in this lesson it teach me how to explore and learn it individually and independently without a facilitator. I work hard to make my code as similar to the example as possible and i also get to use dictionary and also learn about font style in python.

  1. Paste the link to your Trinket here:  

Round 3 | Multimedia



Round three of multimedia we do a lot of coding and programing. The coding language that we are really focusing on is python. The program that we are use to practice and do our assignment on are and Codecademy.  In our lesson we learn about:

for loop

break statement


range function

nested loop

while loop



if statement


elif statement

else statement

and, or, not



infinite while loop in while loop

break statement in while loop

continue in while loop

Below is my coding assignment.


from random import randint # do not delete this line

# Jr. Essential – Technology/Multimedia

# In-class exercises – January 31, 2019

# While Loops

# NOTE: your code must run without errors before you hand it in. Run and save

# your code as you complete each exercise.


# Exercise 0: Write a program that prints “Hello World” 5 times USING A WHILE LOOP:

# Hello World

# Hello World

# Hello World

# Hello World

# Hello World


n = 1

while n < 6:

   print “Hello World!”

   n += 1


# Exercise 1: Rewrite the following FOR LOOP using a WHILE LOOP so that the

# outputs are the same.

# Output: 0 1 4 9 16 25 36 49 64 81 100

# 1 point for correct output

# 1 point for using a while loop correctly

# for i in range(11):

#     print i ** 2


x = 0

while x < 11:

   print x ** 2

   x += 1


# Exercise 2: Using a WHILE LOOP, print all odd numbers between 0 and 100.

# 1 point for correct output

# 1 point for using a while loop correctly

# Output: 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 etc.


x = 0

while x < 101:

   if x % 2 == 1:

    print x

   x += 1




# Exercise 3: Using a WHILE LOOP, find the sum of all even numbers between 0 and 200.

# Output: you have to figure it out!

# 1 point for correct output

# 1 point for using a while loop correctly


o = 0

sum = 0

while o < 200:

   o += 2

   sum = sum + o

print sum


# Exercise 4: Give the user 3 tries to guess a number between 1 and 10

# (includes 1 and 10) that the computer created randomly.

# If they guess correctly within 3 tries, they win. If they don’t, they lose.

# Hint 1: use a break statement

# Hint 2: use guess = input(“Guess a number between 1 and 10 (included):”)

# 1 point for correctly using a while loop

# 1 point for losing game after 3 incorrect tries

# 1 point for winning game if guess is correct within 3 tries

# 1 point for using a break statement

# The first line of code is given to you:


random_number = randint(1, 10)

attempts = 0

while attempts < 3:

   guess = input(“Guess a random number between 1 and 10 :”)

   if guess == random_number:

       print “Hooray! You win”



       print “Sorry! Please Try Again!”

   attempts += 1

print “Ohh No! Game Over!”

Round 3 / STEM


The round we start a new schedule. Monday is call The Boring Day which  is a day that we do alot of reading and taking note . Tuesday is The Question Day the teacher start answer the question that we have and explain about the topic that we read on Monday. We don’t have STEM class on Wednesday. Thursday is The Experiment Day which is my favorite day i have a lot of have experimenting. After we do all the experiment and see all the out come the teacher give us assignment to do. Every Thursday after experiment day we have to do a lab report. Friday is the Quiz Day.


This round we learn about chemical reaction, chemistry of carbon and chemical solution.


Chemistry of carbon is a lesson about carbon. The experiment is to make black snake. Below is my Lab report.


Panha            STEM

7 , February Cheng Chanda


Black Snake Experiment

Black snake is form when a mixture of baking soda and sugar burn. In this experiment we need 20g of sugar, 5g of sodium bicarbonate, a bowl that fill with sand, alcohol and a match. Using all this ingredient and mix together and burn them make black snake. How this happen i am not sure but what i think is when baking soda burn it for sure release carbon dioxide gas and when sugar brun is become harden that help trap the gas and form in to this long black snake.


The outcome of this experiment is a long ash. While the fire is burning the mixture it start to disappear and the snack grow longer and longer until the mixture are all gone.I can describe it in a food way imagine the outside of a pizza crust is crunchy and the inside is soft like silk. That description of how i feel when i touch the black snake.  


EXTRA : I am curious about why it form the black snake so I decided to do a little research and this is what i find out about the experiment. The chemical formula of sugar is  (C12H22O11) and the chemical element that sugar contains are Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. The chemical element of sodium 

bicarbonate is (NaHCO3). When the mixture burns, the baking soda gets hot, and it decomposes to release carbon dioxide gas. A lack of oxygen in the

 sugar from the combustion creates carbonate and water vapor. The pressure from the CO2 gas pushes this carbonate out to form the snake, which should continue growing for 20 minutes, give or take.

Chemical solution we learn about solvent and solute. On the experiment day we are experiment by making a sugar solution and turn it into a rock candy. Below is my lab report.

Panha STEM

February, 15, 2019   Cheng Chanda

Rock Candy Lab Report

Rock candy is a one of the coolest looking candy in the world. Today this lab 

report is about the best candy in the world.  I didn’t get to make it but let say i 

know about it. (By researching)


How does a sugar solution become rock candy?

According to my understanding rock candy form when sugar melt and turn in to candy. If you think in a science way there are more step and let talk about it.

When we melt sugar in to hot water their will be no sugar left but the sugar partial that we can’t see are still in there. When we let the solution set the water start to evaporate and the sugar start to form and when it connects to each other they form a big batch of sugar that we can see like a crystal.

Math | Round 2



We still in the process of finishing the Primary Mathematics 5A. This round we learn about area and perimeter, base and height, geometry, and ratio.


Area/Base and height

In area lesson, we learn about how to find the area of the object. There some different sharp that we learn about such as square, rectangle, triangle, 3d abject and also mix shape. A four size shape is really easy to fiImage result for areand the area but the triangle is a little bit hard.  Base and height is also one of the elements that help to find the area of the triangle to so we do a little practice about base and height. We also learn about the formula or an algorithm to find the area of the triangle. = base*height/2



If you find the area of the object why don’t we find the perimeter too? We learn how to find the perimeter of four size sharp.


For ratio, we usually do our exercise on our laptop. We find the ratio of a different thing. Our teacher gives us exercise on Google Classroom. We practice by finding the ratio of staff and student in our school, the school supplies and also find the ratio of food ingredient.

Multimedia | Round 2


Technology is the focus of Multimedia class.

Story Structure:

This round I learn about the digital storytelling, camera setting, and illustrator. I also learn about the structure of storytelling. It really important that We can write a story in the right structure and the right way. We also do some example of Pixar story structure and also go through some video and article to learn about the different type of storytelling. In class, I also write an example of a Pixar storytelling structure. This is my the story that I write in class when I learn about the storytelling structure.

The Girl Who Hates

On a really sunny day, a mysterious girl walks into the house that people said it hunted. She sits a seesaw and sing. No want to know what she is doing there. The first day she walked in she sings, the second day she walked in she read, the third day she walked in she laughs, the fourth day she walked in she cries and know want to know why? Everyone gather together and talk about her, and a woman live near that house said that she comes from Canada and she lives with her scary aunt name Kim and she here to visit her house. Everyone starts to wonder why she is really strange. The last thing that she did in the house which day five is saying go bye and disappear.No one know why she is here or where she went or even her name. The next day is October 31 she appears to be in that house having fun. In just a blink everything changes the beautiful white house turn black cover with blood. On the roof people see bat and rat flying and running around. The gate turns black with some bloody red stain on and there a statute of a black cat on the side of the entrance. Everyone runs back home and on the table of every house have an invitation to go to Halloween. Everyone just realizes that it the 31st of October the Halloween day. In the invitation is said that everyone has to be there. After the party end, people ask her who is she. Everything had revile. She not a ghost but a vampire, she doesn’t drink blood, she comes here because she hate everything accept this house and this place. She hate herself that she born as a vampire. She hate herself that she don’t have any friend. She hate herself that her parent is not with her they die when she born. She hate herself that she live with her scarey aunt. She hates herself that she hate herself. She come to live here alone she wants to explore herself. The girl still did not reveal her name but everyone love her because she is nice and kind. Then the girl lives happily ever after.


Photography and Videography Skill

In my whole school year, almost everything is included technology. So this round we also learn about photography skill. We learn about the camera setting, How to attach the mic to the camera, the type of shot and how to make your photo look good. We’re doing a lot of fun activity such as picture scavenger hunt, play around with the mic and the camera and other fun activity.

Round 2 | STEM


This round Stem we are learning about the chemical bonding. We learn about the three type of chemical bonding. This lesson is a really fun. We watch fun video to help us understand the lesson. Once a week we also have a fun activity that includes a website call Quizizz. Quizizz is a website where we can do fun practice on our computer that we can compete our classmate and also they show us the process of the game on the leaderboard. This round we do a lot of reading and research to understand the lesson and the statement that we learn in class.

Exploration | World Renew Community Documentary

This year my exploration is World Renew Community Documentary. My overall view for this exploration is that this exploration is really interesting and fun but a little tired. I’ve been to four villages in Kampong Speu province. I have interviewed a lot of villagers and get more knowledge going on every day and I also have some highlight from the trip. The first one is when I and my team is trying to interview some kid and we meet a girl. After the interview, I have taught her some English and that is also a new experience for me. In the process of making this exploration come to the finish line all of us have to put a lot of effort into it. I am helping the video team to edit and writing script and taking video. The hardest part is to use the program to edit the video. It really hard for me to participate in the thing that I never know before and it a really big experience.