This year we start anew essential about Technology and multimedia. I have a hard time understanding about the algorithm that we use to solve code or any problem that have the same kind of question. In multimedia class we learn about the type of programming, the keyword to that useful for our researching and we also use some new application such as Indesign, Photoshop and Lightroom. What new to me is learning how to use InDesign, and photoshop. 

The most difficult one is photoshop. We also learn to create some algorithm for a few problems so brainstorm and get deeper into programming and coding.

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  1. Such as a really good and nice topic. When I learn about this topic I also face this problem Like you too. try hard girl you will reach your goal soon. As soon as you try hard you will be successful. Just remember this
    ” it’s going to be hard, But does not mean Impossible “

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