In this round of multimedia, we are learning about code and we did a project call code club project. I decide to learn about Colourful creation. Below is the reflection that I did for my code club project:

Your name:

Code Club project name: Colorful Creation


  1. Why did you choose the project? What interested you? What skill or topics did you want to work on?

Colorful creation is one of the ways I can practice using more dictionary and also print letter using different color and different font style. It was really colorful and fun.

  1. Describe one coding challenge you had during this project. Please copy code here to explain the problem.

My problem is i don’t really understand how to use circle and dot. Below is the finish code:






goto(0, 1)




goto(0, 100)


style = (‘Candara’, 40, ‘bold’)

write(‘Today’, font=style, align=’center’)


  1. What strategies did you try to solve the problem?

First i try to solve the dot problem by myself and it work but than i try to solve to circle problem and it did not work so i decide to do a little research.

  1. Did your strategies work? Why or why not?

It work because the research help a bit than i try it on my own.

  1. Did you do any extra work or challenge to go beyond what was required from the project?  

I am not sure because for the challenge part is a bit hard for me and i can’t see their code so i don’t know if i go over it or less than it. I just try random code and do a little bit of research to make it to the end of this code project.

  1. Write down one thing you learned from working on this project. This can be about Python, programming, computers, yourself, etc.

In in this lesson it teach me how to explore and learn it individually and independently without a facilitator. I work hard to make my code as similar to the example as possible and i also get to use dictionary and also learn about font style in python.

  1. Paste the link to your Trinket here:  

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