How I Change Cambodia


        Making a change for the world and your own country is a really hard job but we all did help be part of changing your community. You change your country by having a different job and using different opinion.

         The first round of exploration is the most exciting round. Me and my team have a big journey of making change for Cambodia. Make a book for children and all people around the world to read and know the hidden place and learn more about their own country and also foreigner to learn more about cambodia. Me and my team promote change by getting experience and share them with Cambodia children, adult and other people from other countries by making a Cambodia geography book. We go through a lot of processes such as Researching, trip, interview and more. Cambodia needs a lot of help from all of us the new generation. So we create this book to help making change for Cambodia children to learn more about their culture and their country. We have 4 teams to help make this geography book exist. The four-team go on the trip all around Cambodia and interview the villager to get information and put them together to make the perfect book.

            Technovation is the program that offer girlsthe opportunity to step into technology and help change their country. The girl competes each other by creating an application. The application that we made need to help solving problems that the program give us. There are six problems and they are poverty, environment, peace, equality, education, and health. This program help sustains develop the goal for the girl to solve problem and help develop their country. The program goal is to contest all the young women around the world to creative ingenuity and determination. This program also inspire young women to think that they are a big part of changing the world.

I also participate in this program. My team have four five member, and our team name is Green farm. Our app name is Farmer market. Our app help solving poverty problem. The problem that our app help solve is that farmer don’t connect to their costumes. Our app help connect farmer to customer by letting them post their product so the customer that want the farmer product can order. Farmer market help change people life and make their life colorful.  No more poverty, Use farmer market right now.

And a part of that technovation provided us the new experience that most girls in Cambodia never try before. There are thousands of girls around the world participate in this program. All team that participates in technovation have their own mentor that help guide them and to teach them how to do basic coding. In the program, we use block code and we all so use the application called App Inventor. In this process, we also have a role. There are 2 roles and they are the business plan and the coder or technical. To understand and create our app is the most difficult thing I ever learn and done. But their a sentence that I really like that is “Girl who code boy who cook.” By Forbes and other News         

       Plastic is one of the really big problems that the world is facing right now. Around the world people is using plastic and not help recycle them. One city in japan have no trash on the ground the plastic have been recycle and the community is reduce and reuse the plastic. All the trash that can’t be use all go to the trash bin in a neat pile . I hope in future the world will be like that Japan city. I can’t help change the whole world by my own. I have a team who alway support each other. We start to reuse plastic in our school and we will promote our idea to our near by neighbor and our communitie. Our project is about composting, compost is a project that also help with reducing stuff. Compost help reduce waste that come from the kitchen. When we think of reducing we come up with a problem that the our community and the world is facing. We start by brainstorming the idea than we come up with the solution that everyone agrees. To reduce plastic we come up with an idea to reuse and recycle the plastic. We make a list that said what can that plastic use for and what can we do if that plastic can’t be used. We start to collect the trash around our school. Then we divide it into two pile which is recycled and not recycle. Our idea for recycling plastic is to make a mat or bag from the plastic that can be recycled. To reduce plastic we want to make a fabric bag then we give them to our friends and our family. When they got the bag they can start to use less and less plastic. Now in Cambodia a lot of mall and supermarket start to reduce plastic. They stop giving free plastic bag but if the customer wants the plastic bag they have to buy it for 0.049$. When the customer buys the thing they don’t want to spend their money on the plastic bag so they bring their own bag. The customer brings their own bag also a part of reducing plastic. So let start from all of you who read the paragraph. Let clean our planet and help recycle and use less plastic. It all starts from you.