Round 2 | STEM


This round Stem we are learning about the chemical bonding. We learn about the three type of chemical bonding. This lesson is a really fun. We watch fun video to help us understand the lesson. Once a week we also have a fun activity that includes a website call Quizizz. Quizizz is a website where we can do fun practice on our computer that we can compete our classmate and also they show us the process of the game on the leaderboard. This round we do a lot of reading and research to understand the lesson and the statement that we learn in class.

Exploration | World Renew Community Documentary

This year my exploration is World Renew Community Documentary. My overall view for this exploration is that this exploration is really interesting and fun but a little tired. I’ve been to four villages in Kampong Speu province. I have interviewed a lot of villagers and get more knowledge going on every day and I also have some highlight from the trip. The first one is when I and my team is trying to interview some kid and we meet a girl. After the interview, I have taught her some English and that is also a new experience for me. In the process of making this exploration come to the finish line all of us have to put a lot of effort into it. I am helping the video team to edit and writing script and taking video. The hardest part is to use the program to edit the video. It really hard for me to participate in the thing that I never know before and it a really big experience.


This year we start anew essential about Technology and multimedia. I have a hard time understanding about the algorithm that we use to solve code or any problem that have the same kind of question. In multimedia class we learn about the type of programming, the keyword to that useful for our researching and we also use some new application such as Indesign, Photoshop and Lightroom. What new to me is learning how to use InDesign, and photoshop. 

The most difficult one is photoshop. We also learn to create some algorithm for a few problems so brainstorm and get deeper into programming and coding.

English Literacy

       2018-2019 is the new school year. I class we also have around theme and this round we are focused on getting to the root, history of English language/ Etymology. The first 7 weeks of the year I have learn about root word and we also study about some history around the world too. We also use some application to help us learning and keep track of our progress. I class we also have some fun activity to entertain us and also some other class discussion. This new year we are doing a lot of researching and discussing.  Every week I got a home packet from the literacy teacher. I got a week to finish it. After I turn in the homework packet I got a quiz set we repeat that process about 5 weeks and then it the end of the round. After the round, we move to the new theme.