Math | Round 2



We still in the process of finishing the Primary Mathematics 5A. This round we learn about area and perimeter, base and height, geometry, and ratio.


Area/Base and height

In area lesson, we learn about how to find the area of the object. There some different sharp that we learn about such as square, rectangle, triangle, 3d abject and also mix shape. A four size shape is really easy to fiImage result for areand the area but the triangle is a little bit hard.  Base and height is also one of the elements that help to find the area of the triangle to so we do a little practice about base and height. We also learn about the formula or an algorithm to find the area of the triangle. = base*height/2



If you find the area of the object why don’t we find the perimeter too? We learn how to find the perimeter of four size sharp.


For ratio, we usually do our exercise on our laptop. We find the ratio of a different thing. Our teacher gives us exercise on Google Classroom. We practice by finding the ratio of staff and student in our school, the school supplies and also find the ratio of food ingredient.


Math is also one of the hardest class. In the first round of this year, we focus on fraction and it also my least favorite lesson in math class. This year I learn in book 5A and not that hard for me but when it comes to fraction no matter how easy it is but always hard for me. This year it turns out that fraction is ok for me and I can get along with everyone. One thing that new to me this year is mental math. Mental math is the lesson which we only use our brain to figure out the math problem. I can do subtract, addition, and some multiplication with mental math. In math, we also use the different website, programme and some different application to help our learning and also to do an individual practice. We always have some fun activity to do on Friday because of it the end of the week. Math is fun.